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There is Kindness still out there!

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There are still amazing and kind people out there. 

When I left work today (unknowingly on a sabotaged bike) it was jerking and wouldn’t go over 50km. I rode down the M3 with my left flicker on (bikes don’t have hazards) in the yellow line. I had to pick something up for a friend so turned off at Tokai, picked it up and hoped I would be able to get home safely but now the bike wouldn’t even start. 

Overhearing my phone call, a young man came up to me and apologized for overhearing but asked if he could help. We checked there was oil, we checked that the petrol I put in yesterday was the right one. Finally we thought, ‘maybe it’s the battery’. 

So I phoned my insurance and luckily am covered for roadside assistance. It was getting late now and the place were my bike was standing had to lock up. I pushed it out and thought that my arse would get kicked if I stayed in this dark road by myself. So I flexed my muscles, put my helmet on and pushed the bike 200m up the road to the garage. One of the attendants rushed to help me and pushed it to the front by the Pick n Pay. Right, so now I was safe at least. With nothing to do but wait I went inside and got some coffee and let my parents know what was happening. Then the friend I was supposed to visit messaged and said they would come through and sit with me. #amazingfriends , First for Women was awesome and stayed in contact phoning me multiple times to let me know what was happening. Then the battery guy came and while he was trying to get it started another stranger (Ross) walked past toward the shop but stopped and asked what was wrong. We explained everything to him, and being a biker himself he had some ideas. My bike has a kickstart (I didn’t know) but still nothing worked so the battery man phoned to give an update and FFW contacted me again and went about organizing a tow truck. 

It’s getting late now, I’m thinking I’m going to spend my off day organizing to get my bike fixed and spending lots of money. Ross, the stranger, and the battery man (I didn’t catch his name) were fantastic and wouldn’t leave until my friend arrived and they knew I had a lift home. Then my friend arrived, so we put all my stuff in her car, said goodbye to the battery man and Ross and decided we might as well eat supper while we waited. FFW phoned again said they had found someone and would let me know when they were told how long it would take. They also checked that I was okay and safe. 

Having just finished our dinner we headed back outside and our tow truck guy was pulling in. We said hi and explained the problem. He advised that he was told that it was a motorbike not a scooter and it would damage the scooter to tow it but he knew a bit about bikes and checked it out. Michael, that was his name, got it to start and showed me the clutch (another thing I didn’t know, I was feeling very ignorant at this point) and we made plans that both him and my friend would drive behind me while I slowly made my way home. Michael asked though if he could quickly ride it and feel the jerking I was talking about. 

He got back from a spin around the garage and immediately said, ‘it’s dirt or your spark plug’. We revved the bike a bit and he put his ear by the motor and said, ‘listen, can you hear that rattling?’ We activated the torches on our phones (’cause that’s how we roll these days) and he lay on his back and looked under the bike. I figured as long as we took nothing apart the warranty would stay in place. He straight away spotted the problem, reconnected the spark plug and it was a go. Deadpool, that’s the name of my bike, drove perfectly. He quickly took it for a test run and no problems. It started and rode like a dream. We thanked Michael profusely and with huge amounts of gratitude in my heart I drove away into the night (with my friend following of course). 

I haven’t posted in awhile but I was blown away by the kindness that is still out there. From the young man at Tokai Medicross, the petrol attendants, security guard, FFW, my friend, the battery guy, Ross and Michael, they all kept me level headed throughout the entire experience. I got home just after 10pm and got another call from FFW checking that everything got sorted and I was home safe. We hear so much bad news and negativity everyday, horror stories of violence, pain and misfortune, reminded that we are rarely safe even in our own homes let alone out on the street. 

Well I wanted to let you all know that there is still kindness in our country, people who care and are willing to help for no reward. There are still amazing people out there and it sparks in me a hope for humanity in what can sometimes be a dark place. Thank you God for this experience, your hand of safety looking after me through the night and showing me that hope is not lost for us. It brought up in me a desire to pay the kindness forward. 


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Just an ordinary person going about my ordinary life but I have done and experienced extrodinary things. This blog is about my thoughts and the processes I go through on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

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